btvs - that came out wrong: part one
orphan black meets tumblr (inspired by)

They will live again in freedom.

In the garden of the lord.

They’re always brave.


Steve Rogers vs Chris Evans - The Winter Soldier Gag Reel (x)


Selected works by Sébastien DEL GROSSO freelance graphic designer from Paris, France who playful composites combine drawing and photography with whimsical yet realistic results.

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// selected by Tu recepcja

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how could i remember something that hadn’t happened yet?

Los Angeles Times portraits - 2014 (x)




Favorite missing book quotes → Ron’s dueling advice

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And then a very detailed letter from Sirius explaining to Harry 101 ways to beat someone in a duel and a list of useful hexes

Title: UnknownAnything You Can Do (feat. Jeremy Jordan)
Artist: UnknownLaura Osnes
Album: UnknownDream A Little Dream: Live At The Cafe Carlyle
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Dear Amy,

You were my first companion and the one I love the most, I will always remember your bright red hair, your milk white skin and your smiling eyes. I will always remember the way you say “raggedy doctor” and the image of you as a little girl looking up at the stars. I will remember what it looks like to love someone so much you bring yourself to give them up. I will remember you have to keep believing in the impossible even if everyone says it was your imagination. I’ll remember your voice and your laugh and it will hurt when I do, but that’s okay, at least I’ll know you’re still alive somewhere, even if it’s in my own heart. You became part of my soul and I’ll take you wherever I go, but it was time to stop waiting, I understand, but still, I miss you.

With as much love as you can fit in the universe and beyond it,